Huckabee sticks up for Meadows

Mike Huckabee -- HopeFrom Press Release


Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made the following statement in support of North Carolina Congressman Mark Meadows for his support of North Carolina jobs and against Obamatrade.

“I salute Congressman Mark Meadows for his backbone, courage and commitment to North Carolina workers. President Obama can’t be trusted to negotiate a deal on a fishing rod at a flea market, let alone a multi-trillion dollar trade agreement with Asia that could cost North Carolina thousands of jobs. ¬†If the trade bill is going to create so many jobs, why did Congress add a provision to help all who will lose their jobs because of it?

“In the face of enormous pressure from the House GOP leadership to vote for ObamaTrade, Congressman Meadows voted his conscience. For this act, he was punished by party leaders and lost his subcommittee chairmanship. ¬†Congressman Meadows values convictions over committee assignments, principle over politics, and service to Americans over service for himself. In my book, you should be lauded-not loathed. Well done Congressman, well done!”