Huckabee weighs in on Iowa Supreme Court ruling

(Prezography photo)

(Prezography photo)

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Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee made the following statement in response to the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision yesterday, which struck down a state board of medicine rule that prohibited remote, internet-based abortions.

“The Iowa Supreme Court refuses to protect Christians from outrageous attacks on their religion, yet they protect dangerous, internet abortions as a ‘right’? This is radical: religious liberty is a constitutional right – dangerous, internet abortions, which leave the mother subject to bleeding and complications without available medical attention, are not,” said Gov. Huckabee.

On Friday, Hillary Clinton personally expressed her support for the internet abortion ruling on Twitter, calling it “welcome news.”

“How can Hillary Clinton support dangerous, unsafe Internet abortions that endanger women and end an infant’s life and then turn around and tell Americans she’s a ‘champion for women’? For those of us who believe every life has value and worth, both the mother and the baby, this ruling is a tragic reminder that judges don’t always get it right. ¬†These judges thought they knew more about the practice of obstetrics than the Iowa Board of Medicine who has the¬†responsibility to protect families and children from unsafe, risky procedures. ¬† This decision is another unconstitutional act of judicial tyranny.”

The internet abortion ban was passed by the Iowa Board of Medicine in an 8-2 vote due to safety concerns for women.