Personhood Iowa responds to Iowa Supreme Court ruling

Personhood IowaBy The Iowa Statesman


This evening, Personhood Iowa has released an official statement in response to the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling that allows Planned Parenthood to resume telemedicine abortions in the state. Here is the complete statement:

The Iowa Supreme Court’s opinion today shows a stunning lack of consideration for a woman’s health and a complete lack of concern for a child’s right to live. It also shows the pro-life movement the way forward.

This opinion is the third time in the last month that state and federal high courts have “struck down” laws that restrict certain types of child-killing:

Four days ago, the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal to enforce North Carolina’s requirement to view an ultrasound before killing your child.

Three weeks ago, the Ninth Circuit Court rejected Idaho’s ban on killing children after 20-weeks of development.

Now, Iowa’s Supreme Court declares the state Board of Medicine’s ban on telemed killings “unconstitutional,” saying that requiring a woman to have an in-person examination before killing her child was an “undue burden” to a woman’s “right” to kill her pre-born baby.

These rulings seem to indicate a trend: courts are rejecting even the barest restrictions on abortion, no matter how common-sense, bi-partisan, or incremental, because they refuse to challenge a perceived “right” to abortion. What law then can stand?

Perhaps a law that recognizes the unalienable right to life for every person, from our very beginning, to our very end. A law that recognizes that transgressing a person’s inherent right to live is illegal. A law that recognizes that there is no “right” to kill an innocent person, and that our pre-born sons and daughters’ lives deserve the same basic protection as our own.

That’s why we at Personhood Iowa support legislation to defend every person’s right to live, regardless of age, skin color, sex, or circumstance. We ask our fellow Iowans, especially our elected Representatives, to join our call for equal protection for every person, born and pre-born.