Branstad signs 11 more bills, 20 remain on his desk

Branstad OfficialFrom Press Release


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad today signed 11 bills into law. There are 20 bills remaining on his desk, which he has until July 6 to act upon. All of the remaining bills were from the final days of the legislative session, which ended June 5.

The bills he signed into law today were:

House File299: an Act prohibiting the use of agreements concerning private land owners entered into by the Loess Hills Development and conservation authority of the Loess Hills Alliance.

House File 544: an Act regarding the use of waste conversion technologies as a waste management practice.

House File 550: an Act requiring publication on the internet of contact information for elective public officers.

House File 603: an Act exempting from the sales tax the sales price for the use of self-pay washer and dryers.

House File 607: an Act expanding the definition of a public utility for purposes of provisions governing public utility crossings of railroad rights-of-ways, and including effective date provisions.

House File 616: an Act relating to property tax credits and assessment by modifying filing deadline provisions, modifying requirements relating to property assessment notices and equalization order notices, modifying provisions relating to property assessment protests and assessor informal reviews, and including effective date and applicability provisions.

House File 624: an Act increasing the number of years that a taxpayer may claim a custom farming contract tax credit under a contract executed by the holder of agricultural land and a qualified beginning farmer, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.

House File 660: an Act requiring a public hearing prior to increasing the rate of a franchise fee imposed by a city.

House File 662: an Act relating to vital statistics, including access to birth records and vital statistics fees collected by the state and county registrars of vital statistics.

Senate File 494: an Act relating to and making appropriations involving state government entities involved with agriculture, natural resources, and environmental protection.

Senate File 513: an Act relating to and making appropriations for a period of short duration beginning July 1, 2015, providing for related legal and other matters, and including effective date and retroactive applicability provisions.