Group plans to protest Obama visit

(Photo by Fibonacci Blue/used with permission)

(Photo by Fibonacci Blue/used with permission)

A Cedar Falls based group has announced plans to protest at President Obama’s visit to their community tomorrow.

Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ announced this afternoon it will lead a protest to send a “clear message that Christians and Patriots alike are not happy with the way he has handled his presidency from both his moral and economic policy.”

“We want to make it clear that there is a large portion of this community that is very unhappy with his policies,” the group’s founder, Judd Saul, said. “Specifically, using his administration to spy on and intimidate his political opponents. Not to mention the laundry list of other issues of this failed presidency.”

Obama will be in Cedar Falls tomorrow to visit Cedar Falls Utilities as part of a tour planned to highlight plans to protect American consumers and businesses from cyber threats, according to media accounts. The president will also promote increasing access to broadband throughout the U.S., a theme that has been echoed in the past two days during the start of the Iowa General Assembly.

Those issues are widely expected to be discussed in Obama’s State of the Union Address, which will be televised Jan. 20.

The Cedar Valley Patriots for Christ protest will be held at Veterans Memorial Park in Cedar Falls beginning at 1 p.m. Others who are unhappy with the Obama Administration and wish to protest are welcome to join in.


Editor’s note: Saul is a co-publisher of The Iowa Statesman.