What do Democrats want to accomplish in 2015?

Iowa CapitolIf you’ve been listening to Iowa Democrats during the first few hours of the 2015 legislative session, it’s pretty clear they were paying attention on Election Day last November. Their agenda, titled “Building a Strong Middle Class,” focuses on using government as a means of strengthening Iowa’s middle class and growing the state’s economy.

“We need to provide more economic security to working families and create more opportunities for people by growing the economy from the bottom up,” their white paper states. “We will work together to build an economy that works for all Iowa families, not special interests.”

In addition to “boosting the middle class,” the Democrats’ agenda includes “revitalizing rural Iowa” and more spending for education and jobs training. Other aspects of the Democrats’ 2015 agenda includes improving land stewardship, water quality, and renewable energy support, as well as expanded access to “quality, affordable health care” for Iowa children, fraud and elder abuse protection for senior citizens, and a complete redesign of Iowa’s mental health system to “improve access and affordability.”

The Iowa Statesman has repeatedly asked leading Democrats to more fully explain their agenda, but there has yet to be any response.