Dix commends Branstad’s ‘vision to enhance opportunities for all Iowans’

Iowa Senate Minority Leader Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock)

Iowa Senate Minority Leader Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock)

Senate Minority Leader Bill Dix liked the vision Gov. Branstad laid out in his Condition of the State Address today. The Shell Rock Republican said the governor has proposed a vision for Iowa that will help strengthen the state’s economy, make necessary advancements across rural Iowa and continue to enhance and improve education for all students.

“Senate Republicans look forward to working this Legislative session with Governor Branstad,” Dix said. “The governor shares the passion of Senate Republicans for being responsible with the hard-earned money of all Iowans, ensuring every child has access to a world class education, lifting up middle incomes and creating an environment to foster job creation and economic growth.”

Dix added it is important that the General Assembly act “aggressively” to grow Iowa’s economy. He said a competitive tax structure would be advantageous in expanding Iowa’s skilled workforce, while creating new career opportunities in the state.

“However, at the end of the day we also must act responsibly when budgeting. Iowa families prioritize their spending to ensure they are not adding to their credit card debt,” he added. “They expect the same from their elected officials – particularly when it comes to spending their money and passing debt onto future generations.”