Capitol Solutions with U.S. Rep. David Young

Congressman David Young -- CROPPEDU.S. Rep. David Young
Iowa’s Third Congressional District


People come to Congress from all across the country. I believe that they come here for the right reasons. We debate the issues and while we may have disagreements, at the end of the day, most are committed to representing their constituents back home and getting things done.

That’s why I came here – to work together for the people of Iowa because it’s time for action. I approach every day with the goal of moving our great country forward. I approach the issues as a watchdog conservative, because I am committed to standing up for the hardworking taxpayer. My mission is to be effective, because we need results in Washington.

The American people expect leadership, they expect action. There are a lot of patriots here in this city with a deep love of country. But there are some who are much more cynical. Unfortunately, there are a few in Congress who are intent to play games with one of the most basic functions of our government – at the expense of those brave souls who are already risking life and limb for their country – just to score political points and pursue a partisan agenda.

You may have seen the reports that there is a faction in Congress that plans to hold up funding for our troops to use them as leverage to force tax increases and more government spending of your money. There are some things that should be off-limits even in Washington and this is one of them. The plan is to stop a defense bill that pays our troops, actually giving them a much needed raise, cares for their families back home, and provides them the equipment necessary to keep them safe in faraway lands. Those who came up with the plan did so in hopes of forcing concessions on the budget agreed to by Congress and President Obama several years ago. Some in Congress are so focused on their own partisan goals they have lost touch with why we are here or the real people their misguided plan hurts.

One U.S. Senator said, it’s a ‘waste of time’ to take up the defense bill in the full Senate after the U.S. House passed its bill in a bipartisan vote. They are willing to hold hostage our service members’ pay and equipment to force tax increases and more spending on government bureaucracies.

I wish this was a tall tale, but it is far too real. There are some in Congress planning cut off our troops’ supply line in order to pursue their own agenda. This is a new low. But it makes me more determined than ever to deliver a more efficient, effective and accountable federal government – one that works for the America people and protects the backs of those who protect our nation.

Men and women in uniform put their lives on the line to protect this great nation and they never shy away from their duty. Contrary to some here in Washington with partisan machinations, Congress has a duty of its own – to listen to the voice of the American people and support our armed forces.

I want you to know my door is always open to anyone that wants to work with me.