Krusty Konservative: See? I told ya so!

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By Krusty Konservative
Dictator of the Iowa Blogosphere


Some people say, “I hate to say it, but I told you so.” I don’t. I did tell you so.

So, I’m more inclined to scream it to your face, like this …


The Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee just voted this morning to end its vain attempt of resuscitating the Iowa Straw Poll. That’s because – despite whatever anyone wants to say otherwise – only one candidate showed interest in legitimately participating, and ticket sales were abysmal.

Only a handful of candidates had the balls to tell you to your face they weren’t interested in participating in the Straw Poll, so bully on them. But as I said before, the problems the Straw Poll faced expose a much deeper problem the Iowa GOP must immediately address.

Some of you think I’m just hear to lob bombs, but I really am interested in conservatives winning. I’m just not going to sugar-coat it like some people, or sell my soul for 30 pieces of silver like the rest. I’m going to let the Straw Poll disappointment sink in for a little bit before we start talking about those problems in more detail.

Just remember who your real friends are.

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