Fiorina reacts to government data breach

Carly Fiorina -- PrezographyFrom Press Release


This afternoon, Carly posted a statement to Facebook in reaction to the news that Chinese hackers had breached a federal government employee database:
“The latest data breach, executed from China and exposing millions of American citizens’ personal information, illustrates two fundamental truths which will confront the next President of the United States.

“First, China is rapidly evolving from a sometime partner, sometime competitor, into an adversary.  We need a different strategy to confront Chinese behavior – whether in the South China Sea or in cyberspace – which leverages both our military capability and our considerable influence over Chinese economic growth.

“Second, our Federal government is increasingly inept.  We need a President in the Oval Office who both understands the effective use of the power of technology as well as the necessity to fundamentally transform a vast, bloated federal bureaucracy.

“We need a leader who will challenge the status quo in Washington and confront our adversaries abroad.”