Huckabee blasts Republican-led TPP ‘secret deal’

Mike Huckabee AnnouncementFrom Press Release


Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee issued the following comment in response to the ongoing secrecy surrounding the Trans Pacific Partnership Pacific Rim trade deal:

“ObamaTrade is a secret deal that most members of Congress who support it admit they haven’t been to the secret room to read the secret deal.  Well, here’s something that’s no secret: Since 2000, America has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs and seen 60,000 manufacturing plants closed.  Since 1990, our trade deficit has mushroomed to nearly $11 trillion.  Giving more power to a President who has abused his power with unlawful and overreaching executive orders makes as much sense as giving car keys and a bottle of whiskey to an alcoholic who doesn’t know how to drive.

“Free trade is a great thing, but if we fail to enforce the current trade deals, what makes Americans think we’ll enforce this one.  Haven’t we made the workers of other countries rich enough?  Shouldn’t we be focusing on good jobs for American families?  This might be a great deal for the donor class on Wall Street and the political class in Washington, but I think someone needs to be fighting for the working class because they’re getting punched in the gut with these deals.”

Yesterday, Gov. Huckabee expressed similar comments after WikiLeaks disclosed the secret details of the Trade in Services Agreement pact.

“Why do some Republicans in Washington think we can trust President Obama? Leaked documents from the Trade in Services Agreement revealed that President Obama could outsource vast chunks and control of our economy, especially the Internet, to foreign diplomats and regulators. This information should be a loud wake-up-call for Republicans in Congress who think we can trust President Obama with a new TPP trade deal.”