The Family Leader responds to abortion prerequisites language

Baby 2By The Iowa Statesman


This morning, The Family Leader issued a statement regarding the abortion prerequisites language that has been negotiated by the leadership of both chambers of the Iowa General Assembly. The language included in the bill requires women be “given the opportunity to view an ultrasound image of the fetus” as part of the standard of care before receiving an abortion.

Senate File 505 passed the Senate, 33-17, and the House, 51-42, late last night. Pro-life advocates will likely hail the change as a major victory, as studies suggest viewing an ultrasound of the unborn child greatly impacts mothers considering an abortion. However, The Family Leader, although it thanked legislators for their hard work on the bill earlier this legislative session, called it “baby steps.”

“The Family Leader commends the hard work of many legislators in taking this step to defend the value of human life,” the statement read. “Giving mothers an ultrasound of their child can only help reveal how precious life is, and it is our hope that these informed mothers will, indeed, embrace the life of their unborn child. While in any legislation, there are always nuances we may wish were stronger, The Family Leader remains committed to seeking a day when all life is cherished, from conception to natural death, in culture, in law, and in state spending priorities.”