Capitol Solutions from U.S. Rep. David Young

Congressman David Young -- CROPPEDBy U.S. Rep. David Young
Iowa’s Third Congressional District


It’s no secret. There are real problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – commonly referred to as Obamacare. Even President Obama has admitted this. There is still a lot of discussion about what should replace the ACA if the law is ever repealed or if the courts rule against key parts of the law.

Earlier this year in Congress, I voted to repeal the ACA and replace it. Even for many who first supported the ACA, the law has not lived up to its promises of lowering premiums and costs, allowing families to keep their doctors and health care plans, or fixing the underlying access problems with our system. There may be some good provisions in the ACA, like protecting Americans with preexisting conditions, but the overall goals and promises made to the American people from the law have failed to materialize.

My vision for strengthening our health care system recognizes Washington, DC, doesn’t have all the answers and a one-size-fits-all approach like that attempted by the ACA does not work. By getting government bureaucracy out of the way, allowing doctors to do their jobs, and giving Americans control over their health care dollars and decisions, I am confident we can achieve improvements in our health care system – better outcomes, improved access to high-quality care, and real savings for American families.

I plan to introduce a more detailed plan and eventually a bill in the coming weeks. I have laid out a few of my principles for strengthening health care – but I also want to know your thoughts and ideas.

There’s overwhelming bi-partisan support to ensure those with pre-existing conditions have access to affordable, quality care. This is a good policy included in the ACA This is a no-brainer.

We must allow individuals – and not just businesses – to pay for their health insurance with pre-tax dollars. If this is good enough for businesses, then why shouldn’t it be good enough for everyone?

All Americans should have access to tax-preferred plans to save, plan, and pay for medical expenses. These Health Savings Accounts should be expanded to further empower individuals and families to take control and ownership of their health care dollars.

We need to also remember every state’s health care system is unique, so we must allow for state-based innovation in health care delivery. Rather than Washington, DC, dictating one set of regulations and mandates, states should be able to tailor policies to the needs of their residents with accountability.

These are some of the principles I will be following as I continue to develop a plan. I’m not looking to simply replace one government-run health care program with another. What I want to see is quite the opposite. But I know I cannot put together a package that truly meets the needs of Iowans and their families and the rest of the country without your input. So, I hope you will reach out to me and share your thoughts. To do that, go to