Branstad signs four bills into law

Branstad signs SF501 into lawFrom Press Release


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad today signed the following four bills into law:

• House File 504: an act relating to insurance, including electronic delivery and posting of insurance notices and documents and to certain duties, responsibilities, and liabilities of insurance producers.

• House File 626: an act relating to the processes for appealing tax matters in this state by extending the future repeal of the Property Assessment Appeal Board, providing for the future repeal of the state board of tax review, providing for appeals to the director of revenue for certain tax matters and modifying the powers and duties of the director of revenue, and including effective date provisions.

• Senate File 486: an act relating to the approval and imposition of the facilities property tax levy and equipment replacement and program sharing property tax levy for a merged area and including effective date and applicability provisions.

• Senate File 501: an act relating to interstate student tuition reciprocity agreements involving certain post-secondary educational institutions, creating a tuition refund fund, appropriations moneys from the fund, and including effective date provisions.