Grassley: Audit shows government charge cards used at casinos, strip clubs

Chuck Grassley Weekly Address 3From Press Release


U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley made the following comment on an audit released Tuesday that shows a number of Pentagon employees used their government charge cards at casinos and strip clubs.  The audit came about because of Grassley’s bill enacted in 2012 requiring federal agencies to beef up the oversight of purchases on government-issued credit cards.  The audit is available here.

“It looks like the reforms are having just the intended effect of preventing and catching government charge card abuse.  It was clear when the law was enacted that government charge card abuse wouldn’t be stopped overnight.  That goal would require a sustained process for keeping tabs on the cards.

“The report makes clear that the Defense Department had not properly implemented some aspects of my legislation, specifically the requirement for ‘each executive agency to use effective systems, techniques, and technologies to prevent or identify improper purchases.’  This audit was an important part of the process in holding executive agencies accountable for implementing a robust system of controls and oversight of government charge cards, as called for in my law.

“Having a government charge card is holding the public’s trust.  The government ought to ensure that the public’s trust is upheld.  It looks as if we’re making progress in achieving this goal.”