Victims of Trafficking Act heads to president for signature

Chuck Grassley Weekly Address 1From Press Release


Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley made the following comment after the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act passed the House of Representatives.  The Senate cleared the bill on April 22, by a vote of 99 to 0.  As Chairman, Grassley shepherded the bill through the committee, which passed on March 2, by a 19 to 0 vote.

The bill includes human trafficking legislation introduced by Grassley earlier this year.  The Grassley provisions clarify that federal grant resources can be used to meet the housing needs of trafficking victims and offer training on the effects of sex trafficking to those who serve runaway, homeless and at-risk youth.  It also calls for a federal human trafficking task force to identify best practices to prevent human trafficking.

“We’ve all heard the pain that victims of trafficking endure.  Now, with the House’s passage of this legislation, and the path cleared for the president’s signature, we can help survivors heal and protect others from becoming victims of such a terrible crime.  This is a fresh opportunity to provide survivors of trafficking with the kind of support that is essential to their recovery and future success.”