Branstad signs 10 bills into law

Branstad OfficialFrom Press Release


Gov. Terry E. Branstad today signed the following ten bills into law:

House File 229: an act relating to the regulation of free offers and buying club memberships.

House File 630: an act appropriating federal funds made available from federal block grants and other nonstate sources, allocating portions of federal block grants, and providing procedures if federal funds are more or less than anticipated or if federal block grants are more or less than anticipated.

House File 622: an act relating to certain fees charged in connection with vehicle rental agreements and making penalties applicable.

House File 637: an act relating to transportation and other infrastructure-related appropriations to the Department of Transportation, including allocation and use of moneys from the road use tax fund and the primary road fund.

House File 638: an act concerning the reporting and payment of wine gallonage sales and taxes.

House File 646: an act relating to the use of revenues resulting from the physical plant and equipment levy and including applicability provisions.

House File 634: an act providing for the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship’s Administration of certain functions, including by eliminating past dates and relating to a determination of Iowa-foaled horse and to the rehabilitation and conservations of land affected by coal mining, providing for payment by the department for the examination of certain articles, allowing the department to adopt by reference certain federal publications affecting milk and milk products, modifying the definition of biobutanol, eliminating departmental duties and fees relating to weights and measures, providing for purchased-grain fees paid into the Iowa grain indemnity fund, and changing the name of the division of soil and water conservation and the name of its appointed administrative official.

Senate File 366: an act relating to the reexamination and recalculation of disability retirement benefits for beneficiaries under the public safety peace officers’ retirement, accident, and disability system.

Senate File 482: an act concerning social and charitable gambling and making penalties applicable.

Senate File 488: an act relating to air quality, by providing for the establishment, imposition, and collection of fees, the creation of administration of funds and programs, making appropriations, and including effective date provisions.