Krusty Konservative: Responding to the Irrelevant

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By Krusty Konservative
Dictator of the Iowa Blogosphere



To the “blogger” who’s pretending to be me, outraged that I’m pretending to be him – as if we’re supposed to take someone who still uses Blogspot seriously:

10) If the traffic here is so low, and this site is irrelevant? Why are you impersonating me? Do you typically respond to irrelevant?

9) I thought your mail address was

8) Um, you’re commenting on my post, even wrote a whole blog about it, and you’re complaining about no comments?

7) If you’re still using a website with blogspot in the URL, you don’t know diddly

6) Who the hell is Bob Eschliman?

5) So you’re basically saying Craig Robinson isn’t a real man, either?

4) Judd Saul may not have a neck, but he does have balls.

3) Dude, what kind of grown ass man looks up another dude’s real estate records? Probably not a heterosexual one. Stalker much?

2) What makes me laugh is you just gave Bergman and Saul more run than they ever had. Oh, and you’re still using a Blogspot site, by the way. Now stop pretending to be me pretending to be you.

1) This is ‘Merica dude, where real men don’t Haiku, don’t stalk other dudes to the point of looking up their real estate records, and don’t comment anonymously on their own posts on a Blogspot site. Who is this pillow biter?

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