Grassley joins call for FCC to update broadband rules

Internet 2From Press Release


Sen. Chuck Grassley this week joined a bipartisan letter calling on the Federal Communications Commission to address outdated broadband rules that negatively impact rural consumers.

The current rules prevent rural consumers from having access to choices that are available in urban areas.  In most cases, rural customers are required to purchase a traditional landline, even as Americans continue to move away from landlines in favor of wireless access.

“Unfortunately, the FCC’s…rules have not kept pace with changing technology and shifting consumer preference,” the senators said in the letter. “Ironically, these outdated rules may hurt lower-income rural customers the most, possibly putting the price of broadband out of reach unless those consumers make the additional expenditures to buy POTS [landlines] as well.”

Grassley joined 60 of his colleagues in sending the letter. A signed copy of the letter is available here.