Huckabee: Why I oppose TPA

Mike Huckabee AnnouncementFrom Press Release


Republican presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee composed an op-ed titled “Why I oppose trade promotion authority for President Obama” posted today on The Daily Caller.

“I support free, fair trade, but I’m sick of America’s workers getting punched in the gut.

“I wouldn’t trust this Administration to negotiate a deal on a secondhand Subaru-let alone a multi-trillion dollar trade deal.  It’s time we get trade deals right, and that starts by having a clear, transparent discussion on the front end.

“President Obama is an expert at using chaos, controversy, conflict, and the threat of economic Armageddon to advance his agenda. After all, the last thing we really fast-tracked was ObamaCare.

“We need to expand trade and work with partners across the globe to grow our economy. However, this Administration cannot be trusted to negotiate a deal that makes sense for American workers.  Congress needs to wake-up, hold President Obama accountable, slam on the breaks, and do this right.”

Read the full op-ed here: “Why I oppose trade promotion authority for President Obama”