Two more bills to conference

Iowa Capitol 1By The Iowa Statesman


The start of the second week of unpaid overtime for the Iowa General Assembly was just as fruitless as the rest of the 2015 legislative session. Monday, the Democrat-controlled Senate and Republican-controlled House of Representatives sent two more bills to conference committee.

It appears there are more yet to be added to the growing list of conference bills, as well.

The Senate and House of Representatives failed to agree on House File 658, the education appropriations bill, and House File 659, the administration and regulation appropriations bill. Both sides have assigned conferees.

House File 650, the Rebuild Iowa Infrastructure Fund appropriations bill began the “bouncing” process in the afternoon. The Senate also refused to concur with a House amendment to House File 635, the transportation omnibus bill, so expect the House to make a motion to insist, probably today.

The Senate also adopted Senate File 501, a non-controversial bill that deals with interstate student tuition reciprocity agreements. It passed on a 48-0 vote.

Iowans also got to learn a new word. The Senate adopted Senate Resolution 37, celebrating the City of Tipton’s quartoseptcentennial — the 175th anniversary of its founding.