Capitol Solutions with U.S. Rep. David Young

Congressman David Young -- CROPPEDU.S. Rep. David Young
Iowa’s Third Congressional District


This past week was National Small Business Week and I used this opportunity to visit with small businesses all across Iowa’s Third Congressional District. I know, and certainly the hardworking job creators of Iowa know, how important our local small businesses are to our communities. Truth be told, every week should be small business week, because they are the life blood of our towns and cities all across Iowa.

The 28 million small businesses in the United States make up more than 99 percent of all businesses in this country. Seven out of ten new jobs come from these fearless job creators. The American economy and the success of main street Iowa depend on the success of our small businesses.

Whether I was in Dallas County visiting shops around Adel’s town square, or with folks in Mills County at the Emerson Community Center, or hosting a small business roundtable in Des Moines, I heard the same message. Job creators across Iowa want a level playing field and they want certainty. They want certainty in the tax code by making it permanent. They want a dose of commonsense and reality when it comes to the seemingly endless stream of rules and regulations that can strangle job creation and growth.

Ultimately, people just want Washington to listen to them, and to give them the space to succeed. Since 2008, more small businesses have closed than have opened, and the United States now ranks 46th in the world in the ease of starting a business. That is simply unacceptable and it has to change.

We need a Washington that works for the people and respects the role of hardworking job creators as the engine that drives our economy.

Earlier this year we passed a bill that repeals Obamacare’s 30-hour rule and returns it to the normal 40-hour work week which would help 6.9 million part-time employees find full-time employment. We passed a small business tax relief bill providing certainty on pro-growth tax policies so job creators can plan for the future. We addressed regulatory reform with a bill that gives main street a seat at the table. I am encouraged Congress has acted on these commonsense solutions, but more must be done.

I am listening. I hear your frustrations and I will always be accessible to you. My commitment and purpose is clear: I am in Washington to represent you. I will work with my colleagues to debate and deliver real solutions looking out for our job creators.