Updated: Branstad signs Day of Reason proclamation after request

Day of Reason ProclamationBy The Iowa Statesman


Monday, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed a proclamation establishing Thursday as “Day of Reason” in Iowa. His office gave the proclamation little fanfare, but Linn County Humanists posted an image of the proclamation, which is just now beginning to make the rounds on the Internet (click the image at right for higher resolution).

According to the proclamation, National Day of Reason has been proclaimed on the first Thursday of May since 2003. And it’s goal is to “draw attention to the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, which calls for the clear and elaborate separations of church and state.”

National Day of Reason, established by the American Humanist Association, “celebrates the role which reason, critical thinking, and rational thought has played and continues to play in making our great country what it is today.” The timing of the proclamation was not lost on Iowa Christians, many who spent Thursday celebrating National Day of Prayer, which has been held on the first Thursday of May since 1952.

The governor’s Day of Reason proclamation also states “it is the duty of every citizen to promote the development and application of reason.”

Branstad has previously signed proclamations for National Day of Prayer, and signed one this year, as well, the Governor’s Office confirmed. He signed a “7:14” day of prayer proclamation last year that drew outrage from non-Christians and liberal media outlets.

“Gov. Branstad signs hundreds of proclamations each year,” Branstad’s spokesman, Jimmy Centers, said in response to an inquiry from The Iowa Statesman. “The governor signed the Day of Reason proclamation after a request was received by our office.”