Grassley comments on reports of DoD credit card abuse

DF-ST-87-06962From Press Release


U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) sponsored the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act, enacted into law in 2012, after investigating instances of abuse of the cards for shopping, gambling and other purposes. The law mandates reforms and oversight to prevent and catch abuse. Grassley made the following comment on a news account of an inspector general audit catching travel card abuse at casinos and escort services by Defense Department employees.

“I’m interested to see the report and find out more about what’s being done, right and wrong, at the Defense Department to prevent abuse. What I hope is that my reforms that became law have been implemented well and that agencies and auditors are using the reforms to catch problems. The law requires periodic audits by inspectors general, like this one, specifically to keep on top of charge card abuse and hold agencies accountable for implementing the required internal controls. If everything is implemented as intended, we’ll stop a lot of purchase card and travel card abuse.”

A letter from the Defense Department inspector general confirming the audit was done per Grassley’s law is available here.