Capitol Solutions with U.S. Rep. David Young

Congressman David Young -- CROPPEDU.S. Rep. David Young
Iowa’s Third Congressional District


James Madison, in Federalist No. 57, mocked the idea that the federal government would exempt themselves from laws that applied to other people. They “can make no law,” he wrote, “which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society.”

Despite this guiding principle that was written over 225 years ago, Washington still does not play by the same set of rules.

When I travel throughout the Third District, listening to Iowans, that is exactly what I hear – Washington does not play by the same set of rules as the rest of us. Iowans, like most folks, just want fairness and accountability. That is the primary reason I ran for elected office, to hold the federal government accountable.

In order to understand this double standard, that the federal government sets, we really need look no further than the relationship Washington has with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. I know every business owner in Iowa is familiar with that ominous acronym – OSHA. The term is frequently accompanied with fear, a few angry words, and deep seeded frustration, because OSHA’s every growing regulations have a real world impact on the bottom line and day-to-day productivity of our job creators.

And guess what? The federal government is exempted from OSHA. That is unacceptable, not fair, and not right. The double standard needs to end. Imagine if the federal government had to comply with OSHA regulations. I can guarantee there would be no quicker way to get the government to understand the realities job creators across Iowa have to face than to make them comply with OSHA regulations.

It is pretty simple; Washington needs to live by the same rules as everyone else. That’s why I have introduced legislation that says: “Congress should not pass any law that would exempt or provide special considerations to any elected or appointed federal official or any federal employee.”

We are sent to Congress to represent the people. They place their trust in us. We should not pass one set of rules for them and another for us. The same goes for those appointed to positions in any administration, Republican or Democrat. No more favoritism and special deals for federal officials, period.

My legislation is a statement of principle; it is not a new concept – it dates back to one of our Founding Fathers, James Madison. This legislation highlights the need for fairness and accountability in government to defend the basic principle of our great nation; no one, regardless of elected or appointed position, is above the law.

I am confident that by holding government accountable, we can begin to restore trust in our republic.