Hill discusses tax plan with Muscatine County Republicans

Chris Hill Muscatine Co EventFrom Press Release


Last weekend, Republican presidential candidate Chris Hill received an enthusiastic response to his “People’s Campaign” at the Muscatine County Republican Spring Picnic held on Sunday in Wilton.

The annual event was hosted by Chairman Fred Grunder and attended by local and state representatives including Steve Scheffler.

Speaking to an audience of more than 75 Muscatine Republicans, Hill appealed to Veterans and citizens alike to rally behind his “Mission for America” which calls for reforming the federal tax code to benefit hardworking taxpayers and returning control of the government to the people through Congressional term limits.

“As a Veteran I know Voters want a candidate they can support and a plan they can stand with,” Hill said. “Our plan called “250 Fair and Flat” will reform the tax code and keep more money in your paycheck. By doing so, we can restore the middle class and improve our communities before that money goes to Washington in taxes.”

Hill also pledged to lead the fight for term limits in Congress citing the need to return government to the people as it was intended by the Founding Fathers.

“We have a government run by entrenched career politicians who are controlled by billionaires,” Hill said. “It’s time that government began working for the people and not high-powered special interests.”