GOP Conservative Steering Committee to file pro-marriage amicus brief

Definition of MarriageBy The Iowa Statesman


The Republican Conservative Steering Committee is filing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court tomorrow as it hears oral arguments on a case in which they will consider the constitutionality of state gay “marriage” bans.

You can add your signature to the brief by clicking here. Republican Party of Iowa national committeewoman Tamara Scott said the case is “beyond the pay grade” of the Supreme Court, since marriage has already been defined by God. The cost of filing the brief is estimated to be $35,000; donations are being accepted to defray that expense.

“The attacks we are seeing around the country on small business owners and citizens over the century’s old definition of marriage are actually attacks on our [First Amendment] religious liberty,” she said. “Whether you help financially or not, please do sign the brief and forward to friends via Facebook or email. Did you know the first Republican Platform of 1856 supported marriage — and we still do!”