Kasem’s daughter to be on hand for bill signing

Casey KasemBy The Iowa Statesman


Shortly after the death of her father, Casey Kasem, Kerri Kasem began lobbying lawmakers across the U.S. for legislation to prevent what she and many of families have faced in the past. With the passage of Senate File 306 in both the House and Senate, Iowa has become the first state to enact such a bill.

Prior to his death, Casey Kasem was removed from his nursing home in California, first to Nevada and then to Washington, without his children’s knowledge or consent. The story grabbed headlines across the U.S. and focused the attention on what Kerri Kasem said was the need for laws to protect the ability of adult children to communicate with their parents after they have become wards.

Gov. Terry Branstad announced this afternoon he will sign SF 306 into law at a special ceremony to be held at 3 p.m. tomorrow in the Governor’s Formal Office at the Iowa Statehouse. Kasem will be on hand for the bill signing.