Branstad signs 16 bills into law

Branstad 1By The Iowa Statesman


Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad today signed the following bills into law:

House File 146: An act concerning gambling game prohibited activities and making penalties applicable.

House File 172: An act relating to corporations’ powers and duties, document filings, meetings, mergers, voting procedures, and the functions of directors and officers.

House File 258: An act relating to sexual misconduct with offenders and juveniles, and providing penalties.

House File 259: An act relating to certain persons who are excluded from coverage under the Workers’ Compensation Law of this state.

House File 421: An act relating to the qualifications for community college career and technical education instructors.

House File 467:  An act relating to violations of deer and wild turkey harvest reporting requirements and including penalty provisions.

House File 515: An act relating to the use of the district management levy and including applicability provisions.

House File 529: An act relating to drainage and levee districts, by providing for mergers, repairs and improvements, and elections.

House File 563: An act relating to vehicle recyclers, including the transfer of motor vehicles to vehicle recyclers and compliance with the national motor vehicle title information system, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions.

Senate File 155: An act relating to the illumination of rear registration plates on dump trucks and construction vehicles.

Senate File 200: An act relating to the employment and duties of the executive director of the Dental Board.

Senate File 201: An act relating to the findings of an examining physician assistant for a person believed to be seriously mentally impaired in an emergency situation.

Senate File 218: An act relating to the operation of a snowmobile within the right-of-way of an interstate highway or freeway and including penalty provisions.

Senate File 222: An act relating to the disposition of seized firearms or ammunition.

Senate File 264: An act relating to access to local exchange service information.

Senate File 276: An act relating to the administration of medical licenses by the Board of Medicine.

Senate File 435: An act relating to public access to data processing software under Iowa’s Open Records Law.

Senate File 451: An act relating to the transfer of jurisdiction from the Juvenile Court to the District Court related to a child in need of assistance case.