Grassley comments on lack of answers from Deputy AG nominee

Court -- GavelBy The Iowa Statesman


At the beginning of today’s executive business meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the committee chair, announced there were three nominations to be considered: Sally Yates to be Deputy Attorney General; Kara Stoll to be Circuit Judge for the Federal Circuit; and Roseann Ketchmark to be District Judge for the Western District of Missouri.

Grassley also noted there was a hold requested, so the nominations would be held over. He said he included Yates on the nomination agenda, despite the fact she had been less than forthcoming in response to his questions.

“I’d note that she didn’t answer a number of the written questions I asked.  I was particularly disappointed in her responses regarding the Office of Legal Counsel’s opinion on the President’s decision to release the Taliban 5 in exchange for Sgt. Bergdahl without notifying Congress as the law requires. In her answers, Ms. Yates appears to be claiming Executive Privilege,” he said. “In fact, the Department seems to be going so far as to claim privilege over the dates emails were supposedly sent. Of course, the dates that pertinent emails were sent can’t possibly be covered by executive privilege. I can’t imagine what is so embarrassing about that email correspondence that the Administration won’t even disclose to the American people the dates when these emails were sent.”

Grassley said he will be sending follow-up questions, probably by the end of the day. He said he expected her responses before next week.