The Church of Liberalism

Liberals will be the last to tell you this, but they’re all devoutly religious—even those who claim to be atheistic or agnostic. Liberalism, which has as its central tenet of dogma “the ends justify the means,” has become a quasi-pseudo-religion.
Liberalism turns a blind eye to any dilemma of conscience that its constant moral reversals cause, while simultaneously fighting against any and all religious involvement in public life while championing an expansion of what is considered public in nature.
The truth will set you free, they always say. And the real universal truth is that all human beings are, in fact, religious in nature. When we give up God, we always turn to some other form of religion. In most cases today, we turn to liberalism.
Just don’t tell that to liberals, though. They might not be able to live with themselves. We’ll just keep it to ourselves for now.
Modern Liberalism seeks to join God’s commandment to “love thy neighbor as thy self” and the decidedly communist mandate that one should take from the rich and redistribute it amongst the poor. It does not shun moral law; rather it simply touts what its believers consider a better, smarter moral code.
They even have their own 10 commandments:
1. There is no power greater than the public good.
2. You shall not make yourself a profit in the form of anything resembling monetary gain.
3. You shall not seek to do good without the excessive use of public resources, even if those resources will jeopardize the outcome of the project.
4. Remember the freedom of expression and keep that right holy, above all others.
5. Honor the government so that you might live long in the benefits it doles out.
6. You shall not take a life, not even of those who have themselves murdered, unless a child is not wanted.
7. You shall not advocate a religion.
8. You shall not seek a private education, unless it is from a prestigious liberal arts establishment.
9. You shall not be intolerant of others on the basis of their race, color or religious preference, unless the person is white, religious or a capitalist.
10. You shall not have the right to arm yourself against the government, nor against other private citizens who may wish to do you bodily harm.
Such is the dysfunctional morality that is Modern Liberalism in all its forms, including Humanism, Communism and Statism. Closely associated with the Democratic Party, it has converted roughly 50 percent of the population of our country with people who line up at its altar, begging for free food, free money, endless excuses for failure and moral accommodation for even the most inconceivable of notions.
Having experimented in it, I can assure you that Libertarianism isn’t the answer, either. Although its anti-statist position is in direct conflict with many of Liberalism’s 10 commandments, its adherence to a strict separation of church and state makes it little more than a centrist version of secularism, which slaps at the notion it seeks a literal adherence to the Constitution.
Our founding fathers created a government that, for the first time in human history, acknowledged human beings have unalienable rights that have been endowed by a source of law that exceeds the wisdom on mankind: God.
All sources of manmade organization, including government, come from that wisdom. The rights endowed by God are eternal and cannot be usurped by anyone. Karl Marx, the founder of Communism, once said that there is no morality. He then set about condemning capitalists and moralizing everything in sight, choosing to use a different set of rules led by the chief dogma of the ends justifying the means.
He taught that man is god and that man evolved from lower life forms in quantum leaps and that he and those who thought like him had evolved the most. It sounds awfully familiar to the mentality of many liberals today — if you don’t think like they do, you’re a lower life form.
These teachings became an inspiration to many in the late 19th Century and led many to seek the type of man-as-god society Marx wrote about. Among those he inspired was a young Bavarian named Adolf Hitler. So while Liberals like to point to fundamental Christianity and say it caused the Holocaust of World War II, in actuality it was their own ideals of squashing Judeo-Christian morality that led to the senseless murder of millions of innocents.
Laws are, simply stated, moral views of the majority — or those in empowered by the majority. So, who’s morality do you want to abide by?