House adopts amended county compensation bill

Iowa House OpeningBy Bob Eschliman


The Iowa House of Representatives unanimously adopted a bill that amends the process by which the compensation of county officers is established.

Senate File 167 was amended and adopted by the Iowa Senate last week, and prohibits county boards of supervisors from authorizing separation allowances or severance pay for county elected officials. The bill was amended by House Republicans to require that pay increases for elected officials must be approved in a separate resolution before they can be included in the final budget resolution for any fiscal year. After a 30-minute caucus by Democrats, the amendment was approved on a voice vote.

SF 167, as amended, was adopted on a 95-0 vote. The House also adopted the following bills on unanimous, or nearly unanimous, votes:

  • Senate File 125, a substitute bill for House File 437 – the Alcoholic Beverages Division omnibus bill, 93-0.
  • Senate File 435, a substitute bill for House File 505 – an act to allow public officials to receive reasonable fees for changing the formats of electronic records, 94-0.
  • Senate File 426, a substitute bill for House File 532 – an act to allow for confidential conversations between physicians and patients when adverse health incidents occur, 96-0.
  • Senate File 451, a substitute bill for House File 564 – an act to allow for the transfer of jurisdiction of Children In Need of Assistance cases by the use of bridge orders, 97-0.
  • House File 615 – an act to allow the creation of rural improvement zones, 96-0.
  • House File 621 – the annual streamlined sales tax bill, 95-0.
  • House File 616 – an act to require notices be mailed to all property owners who are subject to assessment equalization, 97-0.
  • House File 622 – an act to allow rental car companies to charge a fee to recover the cost of vehicle registration, 95-2.
  • Senate File 135 – an act to require electronic filing of campaign finance statements, and amending the minimum dollar amounts that trigger reporting regulations, 97-0.
  • Senate File 155 – an act to exclude all dump trucks or vehicles used exclusively for the movement of construction materials and equipment to and from construction projects from rear license plate illumination requirements,96-0.
  • Senate File 200 – an act to clarify the duties of director of the Iowa Dental Board, 95-0.
  • Senate File 201 – an act to provide physician assistants with the authority to commit patients to mental health facilities, 96-0.
  • Senate File 203 – an act to allow the Iowa Nursing Board to change how it regulates nurses, 97-0.
  • Senate File 218 – an act to allow snowmobiles to cross the rights-of-way of Interstate highways and freeways, 95-0.
  • Senate File 264 – an act to allow Iowa Department of Homeland Security officials to have access to the address and phone number information for all landlines in the state for the purpose of providing notifications of disasters or emergencies, 95-1.
  • Senate File 267 – an act to establish the confidentiality of communications between law enforcement officers and peer support counselors, 95-0.
  • Senate File 276 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to the administration of medical licenses by the Iowa Medical Board, 95-0.
  • Senate File 306 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to the visitation of adult wards, adopted 94-0.
  • Senate File 401 – an act to expand the number of subacute mental health beds available in the state, 96-0.
  • Senate File 412 – an act to allow juvenile offenders to voluntarily receive juvenile services to reduce recitivism, 96-0.
  • Senate File 462 – an act to allow school districts to be stocked with epinephrine pens, 97-0.
  • Senate File 463 – the annual mental health code editor’s bill, 96-0.
  • Senate File 222 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to the disposition of seized firearms, 96-0.