Grassley seeks help for SEC whistleblowers



U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has a long record of protecting and encouraging whistleblowers.  He is the co-author of the whistleblower provisions beefing up the federal False Claims Act against taxpayer fraud and the author of the provisions improving the whistleblower office at the Internal Revenue Service.  He also contributed to the law enacting better whistleblower provisions at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Grassley made the following comment on the SEC’s action today against confidentiality agreements that impede whistleblowers with knowledge of securities fraud from coming forward.

“When you silence whistleblowers, you silence the truth.  You shut down the ability of people in the know to come forward.  Congress has enacted statute after statute to protect whistleblowers and encourage their truth-telling.  The SEC is right to act in favor of whistleblowers and against securities fraud.  This action might prevent the next Ponzi scheme that rips off investors.  I look forward to seeing how the SEC follows through on enforcement.”