House unanimously approves six bills

Iowa House OpeningBy Bob Eschliman


The Iowa House of Representatives quickly adopted six new bills, all by unanimous votes, Wednesday. They were:

  • Senate File 217 – a substitute bill for House File 285, an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to the administration and duties of the Iowa Finance Authority.
  • House File 455 – an act to require the annual submission of corporate governance reports from insurance companies to the Iowa Insurance Commissioner.
  • House File 493 – an act to prohibit homeowners and landlords from restricting occupants and tenants from calling for emergency assistance, or from punishing tenants for seeking emergency assistance.
  • House File 501 – an act to allow rescue vehicles to exceed speed limits and disregard traffic control signals when traveling to emergency scene.
  • House File 504 – an act to allow those who are ensured to request electronic insurance notifications.
  • House File 550 – an act to require elected public officers to publish their contact information on the website of the government entity for which they serve.