Blum leads effort to block harmful EPA regulations

Congressman Blum -- CROPPEDFrom Press Release


This week, Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA) led a bipartisan letter to the House Committee on Appropriations requesting a prohibition on funding for the EPA’s proposed Waters of the United States regulations. The bipartisan letter garnered signatures from 104 Members of Congress and if implemented would prevent the EPA from claiming federal jurisdiction over small bodies of water like ponds, streams, ditches, and even “wetlands” that only contain water after rain.

“I’ve heard from countless Iowans who worry that these proposed rules will have harmful effects on agriculture and small business,” said Blum. “Congress must take a stand and protect Americans like them — who are simply trying to provide for their families — from hyperactive federal agencies like the EPA. Everyone wants clean water, but these burdensome regulations clearly cross the line of common sense and must be stopped. I thank so many of my colleagues for standing with me in this effort and rest assured, I will continue to fight on behalf of Iowa’s hard working families.”

The full letter to the Committee on Appropriations can be read by clicking here.