Statehouse will be busy today

Iowa CapitolBy The Iowa Statesman


The first full week of daily bill debate in the Iowa General Assembly was fairly spectacular. And the second week has the looks of even more impending fireworks, in both chambers.

In the House, several new bills have been added to the tentative debate calendar. They include:

  • House Joint Resolution 8 – a “convention of states” resolution asking for an Article V convention to be held to propose amendments that impose fiscal restraints upon and limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.
  • House File 347 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to the licensure of child care programs operated for or contracted by public school districts and accredited non-public schools.
  • House File 394 – an act to regulate transportation network companies, such as Uber.
  • House File 515 – an act to allow public school districts to impose a district management levy.
  • House File 567 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to controlled substances, by enhancing penalties for imitation controlled substances and modifying the controlled substances listed as Schedule I, III, and IV, and temporarily designated controlled substances.
  • House File 570 – an act to exempt cities from tort liability for claims arising from recreational activities on city-owned property, such as sledding.
  • House File 578 – an act to allow for the observation of Iowa Department of Natural Resources investigations by property owners, or people in charge of property.
  • House File 583 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to the control of effluent from animal truck wash facilities.

The Senate looks as though it will be just as busy. Bills added to the tentative debate calendar include:

  • Senate File 151 – an act to establish and orientation and classification center at the Iowa Correctional Facility for Women in Mitchellville.
  • Senate File 179 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to the crime of kidnapping.
  • Senate File 264 – an act to amend Iowa Code to allow emergency management agencies access to the name, address and telephone number of all local exchange service subscribers, not just those who elect to be notified by “reverse 911 calls.”
  • Senate File 334 – an act to prohibit sexual orientation change efforts for children.
  • Senate File 385 – an act to allow for not-guilty verdicts and dismissed criminal charges to be expunged.
  • Senate File 391 – an act to establish the use of a cell phone while driving is a primary driving offense.
  • Senate File 431 – an act to amend the required core curriculum and 21st century learning skills addressed in rules adopted by the Iowa Board of Education.
  • Senate File 448 – an act to amend Iowa Code as it relates to Class A felonies committed by people who are younger than 18.