House to consider traffic cam fines bill

Traffic Cam SignBy Bob Eschliman


A bill that would requires that any citation issued as a result of a traffic enforcement camera include a breakdown of what entities receive a portion of the fines or fees is on the Iowa House of Representatives debate calendar.

House File 597, a successor bill to House Study Bill 175, would require that any local law enforcement citation served as a result of the use of an automated traffic law enforcement system must include an itemized list of the fines and fees assessed, the name of each entity that will receive a portion, and the amount each entity will receive. The bill defines “automated traffic law enforcement system” as a device with one or more sensors working in conjunction with an official traffic-control signal, a speed measuring device, a railroad grade crossing signal light, or any official traffic-control device.

State Rep. Rick Olson (D-Des Moines) has offered an amendment to the bill, which would allow the information required by the bill to be provided on an Internet website. Citations, under the amendment, would include instructions on how to access the website.