I’d consider a life of ‘crime’

Sometimes, something that happens miles away can have an impact closer to home. Such is the case of the Ten Commandments monument in Alabama.
For those you who—no pun intended—have been living under a rock lately, the Ten Commandments monument was installed by the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court as a testament to the state constitution’s Biblical foundation. Liberal-minded individuals took issue with the monument immediately, begging for an immediate separation of church and state.
As is typical in these situations, the federal court system sided with the liberals and ordered the statue be removed. When Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, as usual, the courts refused the appeal. The monument has been removed from the building’s rotunda.”Who cares?” some of you might ask.
Well, to be perfectly honest, we all should. You see, by removing the monument, one of the fundamental rights afforded in the U.S. Constitution is in the process of being eroded away by the liberal left. Under the 10th Amendment, “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.
“Among these, is the right to choose whether or not we will openly express our religious faith. It is a right that is further guaranteed under the free speech clause in the 1st Amendment. It is this very same Amendment, however, that is at the root of our current crisis. You see, while expressly providing people of faith the freedom to worship as they choose, the Amendment has been perverted by those who prefer no religion at all.
Alabama’s constitution is not unique in that it openly and very specifically mentions one Almighty God as being the foundation of its government’s existence. It, too, shares a provision that indicates the government will not impose any form of religion upon the people. And that’s where the liberals in this situation pounced.
Using earlier liberal court rulings, they argued that displaying the Ten Commandments was an affront to the 1st Amendment. But once again, their argument is fundamentally flawed, and I hope quite soon more reasonable people will intervene on our behalf. One fact still remains, however, and it cannot be refuted, even by the most liberal among us: the Ten Commandments aren’t strictly religious in nature.
Yes, they were handed down by God to Moses, but they represent more than that. They are the very foundation upon which the world’s—not just the United States’—legal system was developed. This is a fact that Chief Justice Moore has been trying to pound into the cast iron heads of liberals for nearly three years.
From the Ten Commandments came another 603 mitzvoh, or Jewish laws. The mitzvoh aren’t just a listing of “Thou Shalt Nots,” they were the laws that created order and stability for the Jews during their exodus from Egypt. Many of these laws are considered “common sense” today, such as a law forbidding men from sleeping with their mothers, brothers, sisters, other men and other species.
Apparently, however, God’s law and His desire for us to be everything He intended of us goes against the grain of what liberals consider “human nature.” Because we are no longer a people that fights for what is right, but for what will hurt the fewest feelings, the Ten Commandments can’t be displayed in public.
To the liberal way of thinking, teaching our children that it’s wrong for them to lie, cheat, steal and murder should no longer be done in public places. These kinds of life lessons are “religious” in nature and shouldn’t be propagated in schools or courthouses. For that reason, the liberal courts are once again trying to “interpret” our rights away from us.
So, because the beliefs of the many are offensive to the few, we have to live in fear of losing our right to worship. While some would decry our government’s attempts to protect us from those who would destroy what our nation was founded upon, I think we should be more concerned about what the liberal court system has already taken from us, or worse yet, what is being forced upon us.
You see, the federal court ruling taking away the Ten Commandments monument in Alabama does exactly what it was intended to prevent: it’s the creation of a state-sponsored religion. That religion is atheism. We all—Christian, Hebrew and Muslim alike—should be offended by such a notion. Because the moment we can’t worship the one God we choose, we’ve lost everything.
Between you and me, if that ever happens, I’m turning to a life of crime.