Topic A: Obama threatened to shoot down Israelis

Realistic training with Red FlagBy The Iowa Statesman


If President Obama was trying to quietly dispel the notion that he sympathetic to the cause of Muslim extremists in the Middle East, the big-news item over the weekend definitely torpedoed those plans.

According to a Jewish news organization, quoting a Kuwaiti newspaper — sound like we’re playing the Telephone Game yet? — the government of Benjamin Netanyahu drafted a plan last year to send Israeli jets to Iran to bomb its nuclear facilities when it learned of a secret deal between the Obama Administration and Islamic republic. The plan was scrapped, however, when — according to Israeli officials quoted anonymously in the article — Obama personally threatened to blow the Israeli aircraft out of the sky.

A few key facts to look at here:

• Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East; the United States — under the Democrat President Harry S Truman — was the first nation to recognize Israel as a sovereign state.

• Under International Law, which liberals like President Obama seem to cherish above all else, Israel has a right to act upon its own national protection and survival.

• The “deal” being worked on between the U.S. and Iran — which still technically does not have diplomatic relations with our country — apparently puts restrictions on the development of nuclear power, but not on the development of nuclear weapons.

• Meanwhile, Iranians — whose demonstrations are carefully orchestrated by the Mullahs — are in the streets, burning President Obama in effigy.

The Obama Administration is giving away the store and getting nothing — according to some reports, absolutely nothing — from Iran in return. And, Secretary of State John Kerry says this is another case of the administration sidestepping Congress, which has a constitutional role in foreign policy.

Enter Prime Minister Netanyahu, who will speak to a joint session of Congress tomorrow morning.