The Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot File

------maxH------By The Iowa Statesman


In his famous song, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” Kermit the Frog, voiced by legendary Muppeteer Jim Henson, was conveying the message that it’s not easy being different. And now, a certain group is quickly learning that applies to academics, as well.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Asian students will soon have more difficulty achieving admission to colleges merely because of their race.

In the report, published earlier this week, black students receive an admissions “bonus,” expressed in terms of SAT scores, of 250 points, while hispanic and latino students received 185 points. Asians, on the other hand, were penalized by 50 points.

In other words, if a white student scored a 1,400 on the SAT, a black student could score an 1,150, and an hispanic or latino student a 1,215 to each have equal chances of admission. An Asian student, however, would need to score at least a 1,450 to each have the same chance of admission.