FCC makes Internet a public utility

Internet 2By The Iowa Statesman


Perhaps the third time will be the charm for FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler with today’s 3-2 decision to implement “Net Neutrality.” The rules have not yet been made public, but Wheeler has pledged they will be published “as soon as possible” on the FCC’s website.

This prompted criticism from the commission’s Republican members, Ajit Pai and Michael O’Rielly, who channeled past criticisms of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare): “You have to pass the rule to know what’s in it.” The new rules go into effect 60 days after they have been filed in the Federal Register.

The Iowa Statesman has sought the full written statements of commissioners and will provide them to our readers, if they are made available.

Click here to read the FCC’s press release regarding its Net Neutrality action.

Click here to read Wheeler’s comments.

Click here to read commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel’s comments.

The FCC also ruled that it has the authority to override state regulations that prohibit municipal utilities from providing broadband services to customers outside their regular service territory. The ruling was specific to cases in North Carolina and Tennessee, but has applicability to other states, as well.

Click here to read the FCC’s press release regarding its broadband action.