The end of an open Internet comes tomorrow

InternetBy The Iowa Statesman


The end of open, unrestricted Internet access and content is about to end. Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission is about to assume broad authority over the Internet in the U.S., treating it as a regulated utility, in what proponents call “Net Neutrality.”

The proposal is expected to pass on a 3-2 party-line vote.

The FCC, which is supposed to be an independent regulatory body, has been accused by many as acting in concert with the Obama Administration. U.S. Rep. Jason Chafetz (R-UT), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, asked FCC chairman Tom Wheeler to testify today, but Wheeler refused to do so.

According to Julian Hattem of The Hill, frustrations over the proposed FCC ruling boiled over today during a committee hearing by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. Republicans decried the FCC’s move, while Democrats called Republicans alarmists.