Bill would request a ‘well-being’ check for Iowa’s kids

Healthy KidsBy Bob Eschliman


A group of Iowa senators is concerned about the well-being of kids in Iowa, and he wants several departments of state government to get together to discuss the matter.

Senate Study Bill 1208, offered by the Senate Committee on Human Resources, chaired by state Sen. Liz Mathis (D-Robins), requests that the state departments of Human Services, Education, and Public Health facilitate a workgroup of stakeholders to “study and make recommendations relating to children’s health and well-being in this state.” It outlines the topics that may be covered by the workgroup:

  • developing a strategic plan for data systems to provide an overview of health and well-being of children in Iowa;
  • creating a “comprehensive system of care” for children that incorporates a coordinated response to “adverse childhood experiences across many disciplines”;
  • building interdepartmental awareness of “adverse childhood experiences” and creating interdepartmental strategies for helping improve child health and well-being;
  • examining child care quality and affordability; and
  • determining how government can create community partnerships.

Under SSB 1208, the workgroup must submit a report and make recommendations to the governor and the General Assembly on or before Dec. 15 of this year.