NYT smears ‘climate denier’

Willie SoonBy The Iowa Statesman


If you don’t believe the “settled science” of man-made climate change/global warming, prepare to endure the wrath of the liberal-socialist-progressive-statist intelligentsia. That’s the message The New York Times reinforced Saturday when it smeared astrophysicist Willie Soon.

In its report, The Times suggested Soon’s skepticism was tied to “corporate connections” to the nefarious “fossil-fuel industry.”

James Delingpole of Breitbart.com exposes the smear campaign and highlights how climate alarmists are becoming more desperate as they continue to lose the debate.

“It’s just a continuation of a vendetta which has been waged for years against an honest, decent, hardworking — and incredibly brave — scientist who refuses to toe the official (and increasingly discredited) line on man-made global warming,” Delingpole wrote. “What most definitely is scandalous is the vile hypocrisy of Soon’s harrassment by the warmist establishment, which receives billions every year from the US government, left-wing charities, and billionaire activists like Tom Steyer and George Soros to prop up their bankrupt cause by promoting exactly the kind of junk science which Soon (and similarly principled scientists) have made it their business to shred.”