Ron Paul seals his fate with GOP voters

Ron Paul pretty well sealed his fate with a majority of Republican voters with his performance Friday night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” But most Republicans may be focusing on the wrong when they make that assessment of the congressman’s presidential aspirations. During the brief interview with […]

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Grow government to make it better?

Here’s a fun civics question you can use to stump your patriot friends: “How many amendments to the United States Constitution were recommended in The Bill of Rights?” The answer — on that in a moment — will surprise you. During the Constitution Convention debates, opponents — the Antifederalists […]

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Who needs Planned Parenthood?

“When I’m elected President, I will work to defund Planned Parenthood.” Fill in the blank with whichever Republican presidential candidate you want, and than likely, you have an on-the-record quote. But, according to a report Monday by The Washington Post, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration is seriously considering […]

Happy Veterans Day, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force

Yesterday was the 236th birthday of the United States Marine Corps (Semper Fiis, with a Bravo Zulu and Charlie Mike in there for good measure). Today is Veterans Day. Like most veterans, I will gather with my comrades today for special events in honor of those among us who, at […]

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‘In God We Trust’

‘In God We Trust’

“In God We Trust” is the newest states’ rights issue? As a child, my grandfather gave me a very brief treatise on the Peter Principle that I’ve held onto the rest of my life: “Everyone is promoted to his highest level of incompetence.” And that premise is never displayed in […]

Why ‘Drill, Baby, Drill!’ won’t work … yet

“Drill, baby drill!” It’s been the mantra of proponents for expanding America’s use of domestic petroleum to counter the increasing volatility that comes from our dependence upon foreign oil. And, I’m strongly in that camp. I believe using our own oil resources is vital not only to our national security […]

‘Milquetoast’ is just plain toast

Tom Daschle is losing his lead over Republican challenger John Thune in the South Dakota Senate race with less than a month to go before the General Election. Thune, a former congressman, either holds a 50-48 or trails by a 49-47 margin, depending upon which poll you believe in. That’s […]

If left to their own devices

If one needs to know what would happen if radical, militant Muslims had their way, all he or she needs to do is take one long, hard lo at what is happening in the Darfur Province of Sudan. There, a radically Islamic government is running am. Darfur is the western-most […]

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Rest in Peace Ronnie

Since his death one week ago today, many have tried to downplay Ronald Reagan’s historic importance, saying one should “wait and see” how history plays out before passing judgment. Personally, I think that’s pretty ridiculous, especially given the monumental changes made during his eight-year term. When he came to office, […]