Michael Gonzales wins GOP Convention for HD 89


by: James Weeks

Scott County hosted a convention tonight to nominate a candidate for State House to fill the vacancy left by Jim Lykam.

Lykam won a special election to fill the vacancy left by Dr. Joe Seng in the State Senate who lost his fight with cancer. The Iowa Democratic Party spared no expense in fighting for the district that heavily favored their party. Lykam’s move to the senate left his House District vacant.

Delegates in the district nominated Michael Gonzales, a Le Claire police officer who faced Lykam in the special election for State Senate.  No other candidates were nominated at the convention.

Michael Gonzales will face Democrat, Monica Kurth, on January 31st.

The Secretary of State shows the registration totals for House District 89 as 7,483 Democrats, 4,777 Republicans and 8,482 No Party Voters.

Contributors to Gonzales can be sent to:

Committee to elect Mike Gonzales

2036 Myrtle St Davenport, IA 52804.

James Weeks is a contributing reporter for The Iowa Statesman. He is a political consultant specializing in field work and campaign management.